Posted on December 25 2020

Are you an animal lover? How many times have you wondered how you can contribute your grain of sand to society? And, more specifically, how could you help animals that are homeless and that ask only for love and affection with a glance? 

There are many ways to do it and two of them are through volunteering and / or donation. Without any doubt it is very gratifying to help the animals that need it most.

Knowing the steps to collaborate with an animal protection association is the first tool to become a volunteer for one of these groups. The societies that protect the rights of the dog base a large part of their great social work on the collaboration and effort of their volunteers. In all cases, the reasons for collaborating are the desire to help abandoned animals and guarantee them a better future.

A volunteer is a person who has decided to dedicate his time to helping those who need it most in a completely altruistic way, with nothing in return. The person who collaborates with an animal shelter can offer a second chance to stranded and abandoned animals, and despite the fact that the work they do does not have an economic reward, they do obtain an emotional reward.

Time is the most important factor when becoming a volunteer and since not everyone has free hours to be able to dedicate themselves to this type of action, there are different forms of collaboration with an animal shelter; Some require more dedication than others, but all are just as important. Below, we propose different ways to help organizations:

Economic contribution

It is enough to become a member or simply make a donation in a timely manner, these are some of the forms of economic collaboration with which you can lend a hand to a protector. The feeding and care of the animals or the maintenance of the center are not free, but require a considerable financial outlay, so any type of help, no matter how small it may be, will help the subsistence of these organizations without profit motive.

Face-to-face collaboration

This is the main form of collaboration of a person who volunteers in a non-profit organization.During their stay in the facilities, the animals need care from a veterinarian, food, exercise, affection ... Therefore, any in-person help that is desired will be well received. In addition, thanks to the work of the volunteer, not only the animals are helped, but they also learn a host of tasks that range from contact with animals to those related to the operation and administration of the organization. However, time is the main problem for many people who, despite wanting to help, do not have hours to do it.

Cooperation from home

Temporary animals from the shelter at home is another very useful form of collaboration. It is normally done to care for puppies - since a newborn drinks a bottle every two or three hours - but also for the elderly, the sick and / or those whose life is in danger if they stay longer in a kennel. Cooperation from home is basically for animals that require individualized or special care. Where they will be better than in a home where they are cared for, they are given love and protection?

Information divulgation

The ethical principle on which every animal protector is based is that of respect for animal dignity. Another effective way to help is by spreading its values, its principles and, above all, its work through the different Social Networks, among friends, family ...

It is essential to make the population aware of the importance of empathy towards other living beings; it is essential to achieve a perfect coexistence.

Participate in activities

The job of a protector is not only to help dogs directly, it also includes carrying out programs and campaigns to raise awareness among the population about the importance of respect for animals, and to raise funds for their food and care. Participating in these types of activities can be a good idea for those looking to help but do not have the time to do so.

LUX & CIA PETS is well aware of all the inequalities suffered by many animals in the world. For this reason the foundation was born, so that with the help of our clients and brand ambassadors we can contribute those little grains of sand that will make big changes for all the protectors with whom we collaborate. No matter how small the help, everything counts to improve the lives of all these animals! 

All donations are made through solidarity bones that you can add to your shopping cart and 100% of the amount goes to the action that we are developing at that time.

In addition, you can see the first contribution we made to the Adana animal shelter in which our donation consisted of: feed, cleaning materials, daily use materials, brand collars as well as toys so the animals that are there can feel that they count too.

We are already planning our next contribution… Can you help us to achieve it?

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