Posted on December 04 2020

If there is a loving and friendly breed of dog, those are the Pomeranians. Their small size, along with the vitality and good humor they have, make them one of the favourites breeds among small dog lovers.

This tender puppy, despite being small due to the selective breeding that is done, is robust and retains the characteristic coat of cold-climate breeds. Its peculiar appearance is similar to a lion or a miniature bear. In addition, its image as an eternal puppy falls in love with everyone, becoming one of the most popular small breeds.

The history of its origin and growth has a series of curious facts that will catch your attention. We will tell you about it below.


Let's start with a little history about this breed, the origin. Although today it is known for being one of the smallest breeds that make up the group of miniature dogs, the Pomeranian was previously a larger dog. That is why, for example, many people are surprised when they see dogs of this breed in old paintings, since they had much higher physical standards than today.

Interestingly, the Pomeranian is descended from European working dogs and was also highly valued as a ladies' pet in Roman societies and in classical Greece.

Originally, this breed of dogs was used to control sheep and cattle as well as to collect reindeer. In these times they were also known as spitz or wolfspitz wolf dogs - or fox dogs - and it was said of them that they never failed when they attacked - even when protecting the herd against the attack of a wolf -. These dogs were also used to pull sleds in countries like Siberia and Russia.

From the twentieth century came the transformation of the breed, ceasing to perform all the jobs mentioned above. Step by step, the Pomeranian was introduced in higher and higher social circles - at the same time that the breed was becoming smaller and the color tone expanded -.

And, as historical curiosities, the night of the sinking of the Titanic only three dogs survived that could be rescued, two of them of the Pomeranian breed, one of which responded to the name of "Lady". 

On the other hand, Queen Charlotte of England was one of the great lovers of these dogs, introducing them to the nobility of the country. Later, her granddaughter, Queen Victoria brought them international fame, especially in the United States.


The current Pomeranian is a small dog that has the peculiarity that males are usually smaller in size than females - contrary to what happens in larger breeds.

In addition, as they come from a Nordic country, they have a double-layered coat. They have on the one hand a thick undercoat similar to wool - very soft - and, on the other hand, thicker and longer hair on the outside. Normally the coat of this breed easily entangles so it's important that when you bathe, use a special shampoo and comb her hair quite frequently.


The character of the Pomeranian breed is daring, curious, courageous and docile. A self-confident breed that when it sees strangers is distant, but with its own it is pure tenderness, love and tranquility. In addition, he is very playful and intelligent.

Left behind the cattle dog instincts that the breed had, once it became popular among society as a companion dog, they were selected because of their behavior - it is a home dog -. Currently, he is a very affectionate dog who loves to always be in company and who hates spending a lot of time alone.

Having said all that, is a breed that adapts easily, as long as they give rides and daily care they need, as well as adequate time for training.

Some dogs of this breed tend to develop an excessive brick, an attitude that must be tried to correct as soon as it appears, always using positive training techniques.

However, they are good-natured and very intelligent dogs, they can follow orders very quickly and adapt incredibly well to new environments and situations.

This breed is especially recommended for those who are looking for a loyal companion in their life, who does not require a large economic investment for its maintenance and does not require excessive care.

Therefore, if you are wanting to have a Pomeranian, you already know some of the curiosities of this charming breed. Without a doubt, it will be the best company you can have!

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