Posted on November 13 2020

They say that dogs look like their owners... Or is it the other way? The truth is that just as we get along with people, we adapt to one breed of dog or another. And if you are thinking of integrating a new furry member into the family, it is very important that you choose one that fits you and your lifestyle. Not all dogs are the same!

There are many breeds of dogs, but we must not forget that our personality, the time available, the habits, the space we have, the people with whom the dog will live, among others, are determining factors when you choose your new furry friend. The good news is that there is a dog for every need and personality… And when you choose it, you will create a bond forever.

In this post we would like to give you some recommendations, so you can choose the breed that is most compatible with your personality and your lifestyle.


    If this is the first time you are going to have a dog, perhaps the first thing you should consider is whether you want a pedigree, a cross or a mongrel.

    The advantage of choosing a pedigree dog (also known as purebred dogs) is that there is a certain degree of predictability, you can be practically sure that the dog will have a size, length and coat texture, character and grade, certain energy levels, and some possible illness that can affect certain breeds.

    Some predictability is even possible in the case of a dog that is a cross breed. Crossbreed dogs are descendants of parents of two different breeds. However, it can be difficult to be sure which of the breeds will determine the appearance and personality of the puppy. Let's give you an example, a Border Collie with a Labrador cross can be calm or brimming with energy.

    The fun starts with the mongrel dogs. These types of dogs come from non-pedigree ancestors and, although recognizable breed traits can sometimes be seen in them, this breed is usually more of a guessing game. A curious fact about mongrel dogs is that they are usually healthier, since they have a broader genetic past, they are less likely to have hereditary problems.


      We all know that puppies are adorable and cute, but that does not necessarily mean that they are the best option for you and your home.

      If you are thinking of having a puppy, you will see that they are naturally curious and eager to learn, so it is essential and imperative that you have time for their training. You need to know that training is a lot of fun, but also hard work; you will have to teach him everything, from toilet training to walking on a leash. If you have the time and patience to train your dog, you will find that its transformation more than rewards all the effort you have put in, and it will create a great bond between you and your puppy.

      Another option is to give a young or adult dog a new home. If this is your first dog, an older dog may be a better fit for your lifestyle, as most adult dogs will come to you with some prior training and socialization. However, that doesn't mean the job is done, there's still a lot to do and there's no reason why you shouldn't bond as strong as with any other pup.

      Ultimately, whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, working together in training will help create a special bond and strengthen trust between the two.


        Another important element to consider is whether you want a male or a female. There are very diverse opinions and, in the end, the decision will depend on your personal preferences.

        Some owners say that female dogs are easier to train and tend to be more affectionate, while others say that they are more independent and distant. On the other hand, it is often said that males are more aggressive, although sterilization can facilitate their control if they start to have a lot of character (however, this varies according to the age of sterilization and from one dog to another).

        There is no simple answer since, to a large extent, the character and behavior of the dog will depend on its own personality and the amount of time you spend training and socializing it.

        There are times when unsterilized dogs of either sex can have a lot of character. Males can go looking for females, and unsterilized females can be difficult to control during their heat.

        On the other hand, it is important that you take into account your personality and your lifestyle before integrating the new member of the family; since it is not the same if you are an active person and athlete to a home person and with a more sedentary lifestyle.


        If you are a sporty person and don´t stop, what you need is an adventure companion, a dog that enjoys a long walk, jog or swim with you.

        For generations there have been several breeds of dogs recognized for their resistance and particular abilities that make them indisputably part of this category.

        • One of the recommended breeds is the German Shepherd, a dog with sporting abilities, both physically and psychologically. It is a very active but balanced dog, fast and with a great nose. It is a faithful dog, suitable for amateurs and professional athletes.

        • If what you are passionate about is swimming, you need a dog that also enjoys water and is a natural swimmer. In that case we recommend breeds such as the Newfoundland or the Labrador Retriever, both are large, strong and move very well in the water. They are a great company and also great athletes.

        • One of the breeds that can accompany you without problems and that is easy to train is the Weimaraner. This breed of dog is known for its speed, curiosity, and ability to run long distances without getting tired.

        If you need action every day, you already know that some of these breeds are ideal for your dog to accompany you on all your adventures.


          If, on the other hand, you are a person who prefers to watch TV series, cooking and enjoying being at home, then you should choose a calm dog.

          • An ideal dog for you would be the Havanese bichon. They are small dogs, very playful, with a lot of hair and short legs.

          • Another breed that would fit perfectly with your lifestyle would be the Basset hound. This dog is the perfect roommate, calm, affectionate, friendly and familiar. It is a breed of dog that adapts without problems to living in small apartments, as its favorite hobby is eating and sleeping. Due to the short length of their legs, they are not fast dogs and prefer quiet, leisurely walks. In addition, they are not characterized by being excessively playful dogs.

          • Another breed with which you can enjoy the tranquility of your home is the Great Dane; yes, at first you should educate it very well due to its large size. It is a dog that enjoys both being at home calmly and having a good walk.

          In conclusion, if you are looking for a dog you should know that there are countless breeds and with the right information you can find the one that best suits your lifestyle and personality. Remember that each dog has its own personality, but it is also essential that the education and space where the dog lives is appropriate.

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