Posted on November 06 2020

How many times have we heard that famous phrase that says that the dog is man's best friend? Well it is not a fallacy, nor a lie ... The dog can be man's best friend because they generate good energy, health and happiness for us. Also, dogs understand human emotions and can react to them. Funny, adorable and the best company you can have, that's what dogs are. Instagram is full of dog profiles and some are almost as well known as famous ones. Some celebrities like Jacquemus, Kylie Jenner or Paris Hilton - among others - have created profiles for their dogs.

First of all, we present to you Toutou the dog of the French designer Jacquemus. The couturier shares sweet moments on Instagram about his dog sleeping soundly or snuggling into his shoes. Toutou has over 40k followers on Instagram! A dachshund with blue eyes that has made us fall in love, and you?

Second, meet one of the most famous people on Instagram: Kylie Jenner, influencer and successful business woman thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics line of cosmetics. She is, without a doubt, the queen of Instagram and her dogs cannot be less. He has a total of eight adorable dogs, most of them Italian Greyhounds. The most famous are Norman and Bambi who have an Instagram account called @normieandbambijenner. The Instagram profile is not very up to date but in the stories of Kylie Jenner, from time to time, you can see her dogs. On Halloween we saw them dressed up as minions and they were adorable!

On the other hand, meet Paris Hilton and her love for dogs. The famous and multifaceted Paris is also known for loving and helping animals. Paris Hilton's dogs have an Instagram account with almost 50k followers, called Hilton Pets. The socialite loves to take her dogs to all events, but the most curious fact is that the dogs have a mansion tailor-made for them! You can see the adventures of Paris Hilton's dogs on her Instagram or Tik Tok account.

On the other hand, we meet Matilda Ferragni, the inseparable companion of the famous influencer Chiara Ferragni. An adorable French bulldog who has accompanied Chiara Ferragni from her beginnings with The Blonde Salad blog to her success on Instagram as an influencer. If this dog has taught us something, it is that you should not be afraid of flying, she always accompanies the famous and influencer on all her trips; either to Los Angeles, New York or Ibiza.

Here we introduce you to Lu, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, partner of the famous actress Danna Paola. The Élite series has been very well received and has had a deep impact on everyone: fans in all countries, Netflix's own platform and its protagonists. Danna Paola, who was already famous in her country, managed to expand borders by being one of the protagonists, combining music with interpretation, as she has been doing all her life. The artist introduced her life partner on Instagram: a dog that she has not been able to call anything other than Lu, as her character in the Élite series. Such a cute dog!

Influencer Olivia Palermo and her Maltese dog, Mr. Butler, may be one of the most stylish duos. And it is that the socialite is known for its impeccable style wherever it goes, whether to walk your dog or to go to a charity gala. But of course, her best looks and travel companion will always be Mr. Butler.

On the other hand, we meet the famous english model and singer Cara Delevingne and her dog Leo. A curious fact is that she decided to name her dog that way because the model's zodiac sign is Leo. Cara Delevingne's dog has been invited to almost every major fashion event in recent years. We saw them together at one of the famous Chanel shows.

On the other hand, you can see one of GianLuca Vacchi's dogs - named Olaf el Gordo - appear in the famous dance videos of the businessman and influencer. And if GianLuca Vacchi is characterized by something, it is by the dances that he uploads, almost daily, on Instagram; either with a wife, with their dogs or with relatives.

The famous singer Maluma and the model and influencer Natalia Barulich left their relationship a while ago, but they still have something in common, their adorable dog named Julieta. A very cute cream-colored Pomeranian that we can see from time to time on the Instagram profiles of the two celebrities.

Finally, you can see J.Balvin, one of the celebrities who has made us laugh the most in recent months, and his dog Enzo. His dog is so important to the singer that he defines it as his only son so far.

All of us who have had or have pets know how important they become in our lives and how much we love them. And there is nothing better than a long walk with your furry friend or seeing the joy on his face when you catch a ball and they realize that is time to go to the park to play. People say, and it's true, that pets and dogs return the love that is given to them multiplied by ten.

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