Posted on January 15 2021

Those who have a dog in their family know that they have a treasure. These wonderful and furry beings make our lives happy and keep us company, but they are also a responsibility. And when the time comes when you have to organize a vacation, problems arise because you need to think about them too.

They are our best friends but on many occasions they cannot accompany us on our trips or in our daily lives because they do not allow it. Can you lead a normal life in the company of a pet?

In Europe, in general, the dog-friendly concept is much more ingrained than in Spain, Germany is one of the places where the concept is more widespread and where pets can get on public transport and enter restaurants or shops.

We will show you places in Spain where you can go without leaving part of the family behind.


In most of the Spanish beaches it is forbidden to bring animals, especially during the bathing season. However, in recent years some city councils of tourist places have decided to reserve for them a space on the beaches; In this way, dogs can also enjoy a walk on the beach or a refreshing swim in the water.

Catalonia is the place that has enabled the most areas, as is the case of Playa de la Rubina, also known as Playa Salvaje, located in the municipality of Castelló d'Empúries, on the Costa Brava. It has 200 meters of beach to enjoy with our dogs. In Andalusia, specifically in the Malaga town of Casares, the city council has set up an area of 4,100 m2 in Playa de La Sal, where dogs can run, play or bathe.


There are more and more hotels that are pet friendly, but what does this mean? In most cases it is that they allow the entry of animals, but it also has to do with the comfort or services they offer them.

Some hotel chains have developed pet friendly programs, in which they not only accept pets, but also offer special services for them. As is the case with the Bubolic hotel chain, which in some of its establishments has an accommodation kit for dogs weighing up to 10 kg that includes a cot and two bowls for their food, which is also included in the price. Also on the web you will find many types of stays to stay with your dog.


The capital of the Leonese region of El Bierzo, in addition to being a town with a wide range of leisure activities accessible with dogs, is added the initiative 'El Bierzo Dog Friendly' with the establishments more friendly and with those activities that can be carried out accompanied by a dog in the region, whether they are natural and cultural spaces, hiking routes, Las Médulas, Caminos de Santiago in El Bierzo, etc. Public and cultural spaces such as the Compludo Herrería, the Orellán Gallery, the Pozo Julia Mine and the Cacabelos Archaeological Museum are also joining this initiative.

On the other hand, Ponferrada has two very different parts, the old town, and the new city. Most of the monuments are in the old part. However, the restaurants, bars and shops are in the new part, around Avenida de España, a good place to go for tapas. Both the historic area and the new area of ​​the city are dog friendly.


Although it is still not a very common practice in Spain, more and more restaurants allow dogs to join you for a coffee, a beer or dinner.

So if you are unable to separate yourself from your dog, but you also want to go out to eat where other human beings do, point out these restaurants where pets are welcome.

  • El Perro y la Galleta. The second store that opened in Madrid pays tribute to its star product, cookies, and to its passion, dogs. In its elegant rooms, it combines Victorian-style decoration with an avant-garde menu and the presence of dogs. But you will not only see them in the pictures on the walls, there are also real dogs enjoying with their owners the incredible atmosphere of the restaurant.

  • Another dog friendly place is Rosas Café in Marbella. It has just opened its doors in Marbella and has already become the preferred restaurant for dog lovers. It is not that you can go with your pet to this charming cafeteria, but they have wanted to go a step further. In Rosas Café, in addition to serving a menu with dishes for all tastes, among which the spectaculars Huevos Rosa, they have one for dogs with small bites for your four-legged friend. In addition, the decoration of the place, with 35,000 roses that give the restaurant its name, is perfect for you to take photos together and sweep your Instagram.

  • Green Spot is a bet by the group "En Compañía de Lobos" that promises to conquer vegetarians, but even the most carnivorous will make a hole in your heart . The Green Spot proposal begins with smoothies and small concentrated shots, perfect for activating your body. It is followed by appetizers, salads, pastas and even pizzas with the best products from the garden and with a certain international flavor. Imagine all this accompanied by your dog, what more could you ask for?

We still have a lot to learn from other countries, but little by little we find quite a few places where our furry friends are accepted and welcomed. And there is nothing better than enjoying a good meal, a walk on the beach or an afternoon of shopping accompanied by our dog.

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