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Posted on November 10 2020

Choosing the perfect name for your new family member is a very important and time-consuming step. Finding names that you like for dogs, sometimes, is not an easy task, is completely the opposite. It is important that your dog has a name because they are intelligents and they have the ability to feel, understand and communicate. Also they are part of the family.

It has to be a name that fits our dog well and that the whole family likes, in order to contribute to that special bond that we will create with him or her. There are thousands of dog names, some more original, others more conventional... Some owners are clear about it, as soon as they see their puppy's face they already know what it will be called. Others have it easier because they repeat the same name to the different dogs that come into their life. But, how to choose it? Our tastes, the appearance and the character of the dog, along with some simple tips, will give us the clues.

First of all, it is better to use a short name, two syllables if it's possible, although a three syllable name that sounds direct is not a bad idea either. This does not mean that if you give the dog a long name it will never listen to you, but dogs recognize better names of two syllables or less. Above all, the most important thing is that it is easy to pronounce, for your comfort and better recognition by the new member of the family when it is necessary. Also, with an easy name the dog will learn it faster.

Second, make sure it is an original and personal name. If you discard typical names like Kira, Luna, Rex or Toby, you will avoid confusion in the park or on the street and it will be easier for the dog to recognize that you are calling. Names, for example, inspired by movies, series or books that you like, rock stars or mythological names are always a good and personal option. Also try not to be similar to the name of a family member, so you will avoid creating confusion.

Third, it is not recommended to choose names that may resemble commands you give your dog on a daily basis such as "sit", "come on" or "here." This could cause heavy consumption and they would not know how to differentiate well when they are being called and when they are being told an order that they must comply with.

Fourth, it is recommended that the name chosen for the new member of the family includes the consonants K, R, T and the vowels A and O. The dog will more easily recognize the name from the rest of the words learned.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the pronunciation of the dog's name is resounding and clear. It is recommended that you choose a word that is short, dry and loud. It has been shown that this facilitates the dog's understanding and adaptation to human language.

Last but not least, two other aspects to take into account of the dog are its physical appearance and its character. For example, a name like Thor or Hagrid is perfect for a large dog and perhaps not so much for a Chihuahua, a Yorkshire or a Pomeranian, but of course everyone is free to do what they want.

Other tips when we choose dog names:

  • If you love music, movies or sports, you can always choose related names like Marlon, Leo or Simba.

  • If your dog is very active and does not stand still, you can choose a name that defines it as Tornado or Thunder.

  • If what you are looking for is something original and different, you can always go to other languages. Translating common words into other languages ​​is original and fun. Tao, Storm or Kiba are some examples.

  • Another option is the names of famous dogs, either from cartoons, series, movies or celebrities. Names like Snowy, Mati or Bambi can be a starting point.

  • If the new member of the family is a warrior, one of the possibilities is to choose a name like Alf or Lukas.

After saying all this, we would love to show you some names of dogs to help you in choosing that new member of the family, long awaited!

We are sure that if you follow our advice you will choose a short, original name, easy to pronounce and according to the personality of your pet. Although, in short, the most important thing is that you like the name and are comfortable with it, and that you feel that it suits your dog. Do you already have one in mind? If so, do not hesitate to let us know on our Instagram!

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