LUX & CIA Pets is an unique luxury accessories brand for dogs. Our goal is that the customer feels special and their shopping experience is into every single detail.

We try daily to give a high value to that aspect and whether it is you buy from our shop: a satin bow for your pet's hair, a personalized necklace or an illustration with your pet painted by hand... at any time you will feel with the highest level of care, which after all is what any customer expects from a luxury brand.

We would like to tell you a little more about the brand and the name is something very peculiar. LUX & CIA Pets brand name is a mix between:

  • Lucia, the name of the founder.
  • Luxury, what we offer.
  • Cia, all the collaborators that are part of the brand.
  • Pets, who we are our audience.

Having told this, we go on to explain the real reason why this project materialized and exists today. This is none other than the arrival of Lilly, Lucia's Maltese in her life.

Every time Lucia took Lilly for a walk, she found that many people asked her about the leashes and collars that her dog was wearing. It was as a result of seeing such a positive impact on the accessories Lilly was wearing when Lucia realized that there was an opportunity in the market to create a brand of luxury pets accessories that took care of even the smallest detail of colors, finishing, style, personalization... 

From that moment the idea of the brand was born and the preparation has been complete until we reach its launch in October 2020.