Luxury Customized Portrait


Illustration type

The luxury custom portrait illustration will not leave anyone indifferent. It is the maximum expression of good taste elegance and luxury within realistic illustration. This type of illustration is handrawn from a photo and a description of the idea you have what kind of tones and the technique you want to predominate.

Important: If you like any of the ones we have already done and you want something similar, let us know at this moment in the description of the idea.

Each illustration is done with a great care and attention to detail. In this type of illustration, the watercolor technique, mixed with pencils and markers that gives you the maximum realism to the portrait and the custom portrait can be made of your pet with you or only your pet. It is a perfect gift for your friends, partner or any member of your family.

The price depends on the number of people and pets you want to include in the picture:

  • One person and one pet

  • Two people and one pet or one person and two pets

  • Four or more figures

The size of the illustration is DIN A4, 23 x 32 cm and the thickness of the sheet is 370 g/m2.

Once you have decided on the illustration you can chose between two frames:

  • White Basic

  • White Luxury

Finalize your order and send us a picture of what you want us to draw to with your reference number and remember that for this type of illustration the delivery time will be 2 weeks.